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Peanut Free Protein Bar

Peanut Free Protein Bars

If you're looking for a peanut free protein bar, there are very few options! Some of the larger companies like Clif bar might have a few, but overall they'll usually contain almonds or walnuts. Why do they do this? Well, when we were developing freebars we found out that these ingredients are really inexpensive, and following the path that we are, all the necessary dedicated equipment can come at a high cost. This is why peanut free protein bars can be hard to find. Especially ones that taste great!

This is one of the many reasons we developed freebars, we struggled to find a peanut free protein bar that everyone would love. Ours are made with simple ingredients and taste great first. With at least 5 grams of protein in every freebar, you know you're getting a decent amount. 


We've got some amazing flavors that are all peanut free. We also produce all peanut free products on dedicated equipment that's never been exposed to any peanuts. If you didn't already see on our about us page, we've got allergies too, so we understand the seriousness and the anxiety of having to navigate safe foods. 

Check out freebars today, and see if they can be your peanut free protein bar of choice!

Chocolate Chip

The original flavour of Freebars. Hemp baked to bring out the naturally nutty taste, sweetened with honey and dairy-free chocolate. Gluten-free oats added for plant based protein. 

Peanut Free Protein Bar


Peanut Free Protein Bar

Our first new flavour, coconut, is becoming very popular. With the perfect blend of hemp, honey and gluten-free oats as a base. Shredded coconut, coconut oil, and a pinch of salt for a savory taste. 

Peanut Free Protein Bar

Mint & Chocolate Chip

Nutty chocolate tastes blended with mint and peppermint. Quickly becoming a fan favourite for those who enjoy mint chocolate. 

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