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Allergy Safety FAQ

One of the key parts of our bars is that they're free of nuts, peanuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, and soy. We've got allergies too and understand that safety is a necessity that's baked into our process. 

Our goal, is as much transparency as possible with our process, and we're here to answer any questions. 

Q: You share a facility; how to ensure there's no cross-contamination?

A: We've done several things to make sure cross-contamination isn't an issue. 

1. We don't share any equipment, utensils, or ingredients. All our ingredients, equipment, molds, and everything we use to produce Freebars and Freebar Bites is stored separately, purchased separately, and handled by separate staff. 

2. Our equipment is all purchased brand new, used to produce our products. 

3. We have our staff, trained in preparing the bars using our equipment. 

4. The facility we use typically doesn't operate the kitchen when we're in it. This way, no other food production is happening while we're there. 

Our goal is to have our dedicated facility shortly; as we grow, we're looking to find the right fit for our needs. We're a startup, and your support is beneficial in achieving our goals of offering allergy-friendly goods to you. 

Our Founder, Luke Wolters, operates the manufacturing of our bars and bites. Luke is anaphylactic to peanuts, nuts and has heightened sensitives sesame seeds. Luke personally ensures all spaces are clean and all risks are minimized as much as possible. 


Q: What is your cleaning process. 

A: All utensils and molds are purchased new and are sanitized before every batch. 

  1. All of the ingredients are stored in the dedicated space. 

  2. We have a thorough and meticulous cleaning process with specially designed cleaning products. 

  3. For packing and storing, a workspace sanitization process happens again. 

From Luke Wolters:

I've been dealing with allergies my whole life; I've had an anaphylactic shock, been hospitalized too many times to count. I appreciate any apprehension you might have about this, and I'm glad to chat and even show you via facetime or zoom our small but growing operation. 

Should you have any questions, please contact:

Luke Wolters, CEO or 780.399.3471

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