Allergy Safety

One of the key parts of our bars is that they're free of nuts, peanuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, and soy. We've got allergies too and understand that safety is a necessity that's baked into our process. 

How do we prevent allergens from interacting with the bars?

  1. A private, locked space is dedicated to producing these bars and no allergens enter the space. 

  2. All utensils and molds are purchased new and are sanitized before every batch. 

  3. All of the ingredients are stored in the dedicated space. 

  4. We have a thorough and meticulous cleaning process with specially designed cleaning products. 

  5. For packing and storing, a workspace sanitization process happens again. 

As we continue to grow we're establishing plans for a full commercial space to call home allowing us to increase the range of offerings of tasty allergy-free options for you to enjoy. 

I've been dealing with allergies my whole life, I've had an anaphylactic shock, been hospitalized too many times to count. I appreciate any apprehension that you might have about this and I'm glad to chat and even show you via facetime or zoom our small but growing operation. 

Should you have any questions, please contact:

Luke Wolters, CEO or 780.399.3471

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